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What’s In a Name? Forty Farms to Kyokan.

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This company’s first iteration was about digging in the creative dirt and the change I wanted to make at 40.  So I called it Forty Farms.

Taking stock and wondering what next in my early 30’s I took a few seasons to work on a farm and build a better/different viewing platform.  The first stint was rather passive – I learned what came to me – and the second was an apprenticeship that I actively pursued.  The passive gave me parameters and the active gave me process.

Those parameters became a compass with four points and a bonus and that compass informed what I wanted this company to be.   That is the Farms part.

In April I turned 40, a birthday that’ll be an important landmark in my life.  Two things about it:  a) I’ve always wanted to make a career change that took courage at 40 and b) I’ve maintained since I began writing however long ago that I’d write a novel when I turned 40.  I turned out to not be that kind of writer so I assume I was talking about the pursuit of creative goals that demanded maturity.   Forty seemed right for the name of the company.

With Forty Farms and Farms Forty the options I went with the former.

Now, on the eve of launching the company, I’ve outgrown the name or the vision has outgrown the name or something has outgrown something.  This pleases me most for its proof that there is a long-term vision for the firm.   I love that the process of getting there had a working title and this company as we see it now is the process evolved.

Kyokan is the next iteration, a name that’ll look good on a shingle be that a storefront or the top of a tall building in Manhattan.   Kyokan is a Japanese word that means sharing (kyo) an emotional feeling (kan) which good story should do.  It is an apt moniker for a number of a reasons not the least of which is a hunch – that we’ll do well in Japan or that I want us to do well in Japan or that we should somehow be informed/influenced by or invited to Japan.  Simple enough.

This has to make it through the partners so it comes with an asterisk.  But it’s not my asterisk.  I like Kyokan.

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